Annie on Broadway

Yes, I am one of the obsessed girls, still in love with Annie as an adult.  As a youth, mesmerized by Andrea McArdle on stage, the experience stuck with me.  Countless times, I have listened to the original soundtrack. I love listening to the extended version including how they pitched the musical and songs not making the cut.  I now own the 30th anniversary edition, proudly confirming, I have seen a few productions recorded.  Recently in New York, I again saw Annie on Broadway.  I appreciate this venue more than Madison Square Garden, where I saw Kathie Lee Gifford play Miss Hannigan.  That disruptive, circus-like venue distracted from a good production of Annie. The Palace Theatre gave Annie its due respect.

My review of Annie on Broadway is high, considering I am such a hardcore fan.  My initial reaction to Daddy Warbucks was a bit of disappointment. He held back quite a bit.  I have a special place in my heart for the relationship between Annie and Daddy Warbucks. I’m a sap for that. It may be part of it.  Perhaps is it is that I am human, a creature of habit, not wanting to embrace any kind of change. I am used to FDR kind of doing the spoken-singing and Daddy Warbucks getting into it with Annie. I guess that’s what is missing or off from my perspective. FDR seemed to have no issue singing and yet Daddy Warbucks seemed to have the voice, but held back or the director instructed him to.  Molly is second in line to steal the show.  I enjoyed the Molly of this show.  She had big shoes to fill. It is hard to keep up with the Joneses, especially Catherine Zeta-Jones. Lily St. Regis also had my attention in this show, as well.

So what I’ve decided is that I really enjoy the stage version. I even liked the new logo they made of Annie. It’s a softer version of Annie, in contrast to the 20′s, sort of out-in-your-face Annie.  I do like the brash, brassiness of Annie.  They have their special way of singing. It is part of the charm. While I enjoyed their take on things, different choreography, different dialogue here and there, when it comes to listening to the recording, I want my old, Andrea McArdle. That’s where the love affair began.  I will stay true to that.

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