New York, New York, it’s a Wonderful Town!

Where can you meander aimlessly on a magical afternoon strolling into Steinway Hall followed by refreshments at the Russian Tea Room? New York, New York is of course the answer. My pilgrimage never wearies me. Every song written about it is true.

I’ve been so frequently, I am able to treat visits much like an annual pass to Disneyland. There is no urgency to cram a regiment of “fun”. While I’ve yet to make reservations at the Steinway factory, happening upon Steinway Hall’s mini museum engaged me for a bit of time. Gallery paintings and artifacts were one thing but the practice rooms enchanted me most. Listening in on artists, including wee ones carries you away. Fantasizing you’re prepping for a grand concert hall as you test different pianos in the rooms is quite rich. Starry eyed, I held a mock meeting in a conference room. Dowling Music provided me with more music and manipulatives for lessons before heading out. The composer finger puppets that found their way into my bag, seem to be the most appreciated purchase by students.

With much purpose, another trip to New York will entail Queens. Midtown has many gems as does all of Manhattan, but my tour of the Steinway factory is still on my bucket list. I will be on a mission.

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