My parents always had season passes to musicals and such. They discovered, they could take a very young, angelic Jennifer with them. The same did not ring true of her baby brother. Being raised with a rich musical upbringing, the Nutcracker, of course became an annual tradition lasting into adult years. If we do not meet to see it together, we compare notes from afar of the various companies we see.

This year, my husband got us front row seats. What a treat to see such detail, along with a few peeks backstage. I loved reading the faces of the dancers and watching them communicate with one another. Seeing our very own, Ireen Lin perform in two scenes made me quite proud. Ireen told me she favored her performance as a sprite. In her second number, the “Chinese Dance,” she played the head of the dragon. She rocked it, but was not a fan of how hot her costume would get. “It was like dancing with two jackets on!” she quipped. With extra oomph in my applause, I nestled into my chair quite gratified having watched Ireen perform. Bravo!

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