Orange Bounty

A rainbow of neighbors/friends/family

Memories worth treasuring in your heart for a lifetime

Orange trees in your backyard layered with cypress trees and fireworks on top in the ninth hour

Ocean waves calling and calming

Fine arts and fine eats

Orange Bounty, genesis of blessing

This mama misses the smell of salt in the air and Disneyland in her backyard. She misses being an affiliate of Pacific  Symphony Orchestra, listening to her own personal Tony Robbins, a.k.a Carl Sinclair and watching students light up, as she passes on the joy of the arts in Class Act. Her current mission reveals two pairs of eyes observing attentively. Let the legacy overflow into these souls.

Open up your memory box. Peer into the large vessel that simply cannot hold your hopes and dreams. Your familial time is drenched in the arts.  The walls of your fortress are indeed armed with works of fine artists both bought and created from beloved ones. Music has held your hand, embraced you, wiped your tears, danced oh so many celebratory jigs and promises to be with you an eternity. 

Facts bellow and boast, “Your children thrive when the arts can be inhaled like the air they breathe!” We gather to worship to hear the voice of God through artistic expression. Vincent Van Gogh said it best. “I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” So, what are you doing today to invest in the legacy?

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