Musical Meditation

Today I rummaged through some of my dad’s vintage music. Some of it was his sister’s collection. He used to rave about popular music. My thoughts went toward the shortening to pop songs of a later era and so forth. This collection featured movie stars and some saucy lyrics. Ruminating quickly brought me to the conclusion much is the same while we tend to find support much has changed. These siblings had quite a collection between the two of them, of not only music, but also a representation of the culture and youthful things fancied in the day. 

Next, I came across some of my brother’s music. A smirk landed on my lips as I saw his teacher’s contact information labeled as his cellular number, yet another etymological, entertaining musing. I noticed my dad followed closely with assistance and curiosity to my brother’s formal lessons. My dad helped me in the beginning stages, followed by listening to my lessons to instruction he felt lacking with his less than formal training. 

Lastly, I found what contained a smattering of different periods of my training with music and notes from my beloved teacher, Josephine Chance. This precise pursuer and pusher of excellence often did not pay much regard to notebook or staff lines as she wrote. This tickled me. She wrote fervently on notebooks and all over music. Being ambidextrous aided this compulsion. This quirk has become a treasure especially when lamenting her absence.  Tears came when I stumbled across what she may have thought was her last scrawling to me. Well wishes for college were not our goodbye or even last lesson. You see this beautiful soul drew me back for instruction, inspiration and a sense of home. 

I pulled pieces from each of these three places today. Each intended for connections to past, use for the present and plans for the future whether it be my students or my daughters enrolled in my legacy learning academy for life. Doesn’t music serve as a backdrop as we create the soundtrack for our lives? Doesn’t it ground us daily and oh how often does it serve as a love song of hope for the future? Listen, learn, love, repeat. 

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