Happy 100th birthday, Mrs. Chance!

Josephine Chance charmed me every Thursday afternoon as she bestowed the great gift of music to me.  You see, she didn’t merely teach piano to me. She imparted and proclaimed a way of life.  “Sit up straight.” “Wear a nice dress.” Mrs. Chance enumerated the ways music and being a scholar of the art made you a better person. She went so far as to say, it put you in a higher class of society. Over and over, she professed music to be one of the few things you can take into your elderly years. I watched captivated, as she modeled this.  

A dying breed, the great Josephine was. Developing a personal relationship lasting long after my lessons were over, she still conveyed her elegance and high standards.  I brought a boyfriend to meet her much like one would present a beau to their parents for a stamp of approval.  She and her husband, Frank entertained us in the dining room with sandwiches and potato chips on fine china. 

That moment left quite an impression on me.  Absolutely no putting on airs ever occurred in this home. This simply was a reflection of who my beloved Josephine Chance was.  The way she loved me, pushing discipline, putting your best foot forward always and what a treasure music is, points directly to the One she plays music with now.

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