Reading Reverie

You know that feeling you get when you’re devouring a good book? How about when you’re compelled to dance your heart out because your favorite song is playing? The art of playing piano bestows you with this sort of gift and more. You even step into the role of facilitator of these feelings and it is oh so magical!

Teaching kindergarten comes with the privilege of teaching someone to unlock the door to the magic of reading. It gives a front row seat to the romance of budding love. The same applies to viewing someone giddily falling in love while learning to read music.

My brother-in-law proudly relayed during his speech as best man at our wedding how his swing dance venue composed our love story and many others. You see the arts bring forth such emotional power and beauty that goes beyond learning a skill. 

The privilege of teaching reading in various forms isn’t wasted on me. I will forever cherish watching the genesis of dreams and the sinew of relationships form. The imagery of being side by side both present and looking into the future melts my heart. 

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