Life Soundtrack

Do you give much thought to your personal soundtrack? How about the one you will pass on? I do. Sure mine is peppered with the songs from my era yet much of it was and is intentional. 

Classical music came into my life at home, through my piano studies and band adventures. In college, my unsophisticated view of opera became obliterated when a mandatory assignment to go left me hungry for more. Perhaps the musicals I attended regularly since the days my eyes could barely stay open for, past my little girl’s bedtime, set the stage to fall in love with it. My next birthday, my parents presented this college freshman with tickets to an opera. My dad, in turn began to delve deep into the magic of Kathleen Battle at this time. The opera baton was passed on to my littles, as they promptly went to LA Opera’s presentation for kids at age two. It should be most obviously noted one child is stamped with the Italian term, Aria. They will tell you their favorite is The Love for Three Oranges, an opera by Sergei Prokofiev, most likely because it was their earliest exposure and stamped on their hearts. 

My point is, this was intentional. Just as popular music of the 30’s and 40’s, hymns and children’s folk songs were passed along to me, I chose to pass on much of the same along with a heavy dose of jazz, folk and coffeehouse music. Merit is found in the quality of music you permeate the next generation’s brain, heart and soul with. Just like the musicals and operas, pageantry and storytelling make up your life’s soundtrack. What do you want it to represent and feel like? 

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